current supporters

THANK YOU to our wonderful community who continues to support LJA's growing mission.  We couldn't do our work without you!

American Honda Foundation

We're thrilled to announce that LJA has recently received a generous gift from the American Honda Foundation!  $30,000 has been awarded to LJA to expand and improve our Technovation coding program.  This means that all LJA students will have the opportunity to learn to code, practice their entrepreneurship skills, and design their own app.  We're so glad to have the American Honda Foundation's support in this endeavor, supporting students as they explore STEM-related fields.  Thank you!

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We are so grateful to Boston Scientific Foundation for their support of STEM-learning at LJA!  They've partnered with us to help launch Tech Force, where students learn computer programming and maintenance while practicing their leadership.  Because of their generosity, we are also able to gift computers to qualifying families. Thank you, Boston Scientific Foundation!

Richard M Schulze Family Foundation

We're so grateful for having received a generous gift from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation!  The Foundation has awarded $15,000 for the continuation and growth of our Technovation coding program.  We're so grateful for the Foundation’s support of our ongoing work to create opportunities for girls to thrive in STEM-related fields.  We're excited to see where this passion will take our scholars!


Optum Health has chosen to invest in our students' health and well-being.  They've donated $3,000 to support healthy movement taking place in classrooms, enabling LJA to purchase tools and equipment that will help students stay focused on learning while being able to move their bodies and not distracting others. One of our first purchases will be desks with pedals, so students can stay active even while sitting!  Thank you for your support, Optum!

Donaldson Foundation

 Donaldson has renewed our grant funding for a second year to support our J-term programming and  Amplify Experiential Education. Because of their generous donation, we are able to continue teacher training that will extend into all classrooms and provide the means to engage our scholars in STEAM, through inquiry, experiential learning, and interdisciplinary focused courses. Thank you, Donaldson, for investing in the future of our scholars!

WIN Giving Circle

Women's Foundation of Minnesota Young Women's Initiative

Women's Foundation of Minnesota

Young Women's Initiative

Macalester High Winds Fund

Ann Bancroft Foundation

Major Individual Donors

Sacajawea Charitable Foundation, William and Katherine Wrean

Kenneth Johnson Foundation

Jenny Wrenson

Sharon and Craig Gifford

Annie Hotop