Student Support Services

LJA has a multi-faceted Special Education program for any students needing additional support.   The model is an inclusion model, with student’s needs addressed within a general education classroom.  In order to meet the student’s needs, there may be additional supports for the student placed within the general education classroom.  This may include a Special Education teacher in a co-teacher model or an educational paraprofessional.  In addition, students may receive related services from contracted providers.  These related services typically occur outside of the general education classroom.  These related services are based on student need and may include the following:  social work, occupational therapy, speech language therapy, DAPE, vision, nursing, etc.  This may be in the form of individual, group or in the general education setting and is dependent on student need.  Parents are partners with both general education and special education staff in meeting the educational needs of their scholar.

LJA also has supports in place to promote socio-emotional growth of all general education and special education students.  These supports include restorative measures circles, peer conflict resolution meetings, groups, and supervised lunch/recess periods where teaching, modeling, and coaching of skills occurs.  Staff designated to support socio-emotional growth include the dean, cultural liaison, social worker, special education staff, and the director of special programs.

Students who struggle academically, socially or behaviorally will be referred to the student support team.  This team consists of the director of special programs, the dean, the school social worker, school psychologist, special education teacher and general education teacher.  This team will develop strategies to support student growth in the identified area of need.  Parents will be engaged in this process to support growth at home.

Laura Jeffrey Academy Total Special Education System

For more information on 504 plans: U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights