STEM - Focus

Our ValueS

Value-Added Principles

  • Becoming resilient problem solvers and innovative thinkers
  • Exposure to technology to ask questions
  • Competent use of technology to solve problems
  • Nurture curiosity and wonderment

The Practice of Science and Engineering

  • Scholars at Laura Jeffrey Academy are resilient in group work and are accountable to themselves and their group mates through collaborative problem solving.
  • Science is a way of knowing about the natural world, and is done by individuals and groups, by characterizing empirical criteria, conversing in logical argument and providing skeptical review.
  • Scientific inquiry requires identification of assumptions, use of critical and logical thinking, and consideration of alternative explanations.
  • Scientific inquiry uses multiple interrelated processes to investigate questions and propose explanations about the natural world.
  • Engineers create, develop and manufacture machines, structures, processes and systems that impact society and may make humans more productive.
  • Engineering design is the process of devising products, processes and systems that address a need, capitalize on an opportunity, or solve a specific problem.

Interactions Among Scientists, Engineers, Mathematicians, and Society

  • Men and women throughout the history of all cultures, including Minnesota American Indian tribes and communities, have been involved in engineering design and scientific inquiry.
  • Tools and mathematics help scientists and engineers see more, measure more accurately, and do things that they could not otherwise accomplish.
  • Designed systems (e.g. traffic flow) and natural systems (e.g. weather) exist in the world. These systems consist of components that act within the system and interact with other systems.
  • Current and emerging technologies have enabled humans to develop and use models to understand and communicate how natural and designed systems work and interact.
  • Science and engineering operate in the context of society and both influence and are influenced by this context.

LJA is committed to reducing academic gaps in STEM-related fields attributed to issues around gender, race, ability, and other social norms. We work to increase students’ competence and confidence in math and science. 

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