Our Promise

Laura Jeffrey Academy will provide an environment where students are free -- to explore their potential, to discover their brilliance and develop their intellect.

LJA’s motto is “Asking questions, making choices.”  Learning to ask key questions is crucial to becoming a critical thinker. Students create success by making informed choices that have a positive impact on self and community.

Our Principles

  • Practicing Mutual Responsibility and Individual Accountability. We work together to solve problems and are accountable for our own choices and our impact on the community and the environment as a whole.
  • Searching for Truths. We build communities of inquiry capable of supporting free and open conversation on the most important issues.
  • Building Empathy. We try to be aware of the situations and experiences of other people so that we can act in ways that are sensitive to the way they see the world. 
  • Developing Generosity of Spirit. We assume that each of us tries to do what we believe is right and just, and we ask each other how we see things that lead us to act as we do.
  • Becoming Competent. We help each other become increasingly able to bring about the results we each desire. We believe that effort creates competence and competence helps build confidence.
  • Acknowledging Paradox and Dilemma. We make progress at LJA by opening our minds to complexity while continuing to take action in response to the paradox or dilemma.
  • Recognizing Strength in Vulnerability. We value help from others in seeing our short comings and potential as we continue to evolve and grow.

Our Critical Differences

  • The curriculum focuses on increasing competence and confidence in math and science through a comprehensive liberal arts education.

  • The environment fosters a climate of physical activity and good health which lead to students' academic and emotional well being.

  • Arts, music and technology are essential parts of the LJA curriculum.

  • LJA serves a culturally diverse student body.

  • Learning is a social experience where students develop the skills to set goals and solve problems.

  • Interventions and tutoring are integrated into our midday programming which has been shown to exponentially increase scores in math, reading and science, will be available at no cost to LJA students.

  • Accelerated classes offer opportunities to challenge each student based on their unique needs.

  • LJA's curriculum meets all state and federal standards.

  • Small classes and low student-to-educator ratio ensure that students get individualized attention.

  • LJA has an extended year calendar.  Learning days are of a similar number to traditional calendars, but breaks between quarters are longer and summer break is shorter to combat learning loss and summer boredom: between quarters students are encouraged to participate in our experiential learning opportunities. 

  • Students wear uniforms, removing distractions and enhancing the learning environment. 

  • Student clubs and extracurricular athletics give students opportunity for community engagement, leadership and competition. 

  • At Laura Jeffrey Academy, teaching is subordinated to learning. At LJA the human urge to explore, discover and create knowledge is integrated with students’ need to develop a solid command of the subjects. Teachers create classroom settings that provide for a variety of social and cultural interactions, essential to learning. This approach to education has been used successfully to address each student’s learning abilities and encourages individual talents.

  • LJA is particularly focused on developing students’ critical thinking skills. Students use habits of reasoning, reading, writing and speaking to understand the root causes and consequences of public and personal actions. By taking a critical look at knowledge, students learn to access the power of information for personal and public benefit. Ultimately this access, in combination with critical thinking skills, leads to freedom in making decisions and power to realize their talents and potential.