Testing and Assessment 

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments

MCA II tests in Reading and Math are given each year in April and are required by the Minnesota Department of Education. Results of Reading and Math tests are used to track the school's Adequate Yearly Progress. Click here to access your personalized Learning Locator information. Your personal "learning locator" is printed on your individual MCA II reports that were mailed home in August. You can help your child improve by selecting online activities and resources appropriate to their skill level. If you would like to opt out of MCA testing, you must fill out this form and return it to the LJA office.

FAstbridge Testing

Fastbridge testing is a quick way (most tests take 30 minutes or less) to get benchmark data for student performance. We take Fastbridge tests in Math and Reading, as while as using a Social Emotional Survey offered by Fastbridge, to help us make decisions on student interventions/enrichments. These tests are taking 3 times a year, and have the added benefit of being connected to Progress Monitoring tests that can frequently track student progress in intervention areas. More information on Fastbridge testing can be found at www.fastbridge.org

Testing Calendar

Testing schedule

MCA Tests

  • Apr 10 & 11: 7th & 8th Grade Reading

  • Apr 16 & 17: 5th & 6th Grade Reading

  • Apr 23 & 24: 7th & 8th Grade Math

  • Apr 25 & 26: 5th & 6th Grade Math

  • May 1 & 2: 5th & 8th Grade Science

Parent/Guardian Guide & Refusal for Student Participation in Statewide Testing

Fastbridge Testing

  • Aug 14-17

  • Jan 8-10

  • May 14- 16

STAR Testing

STAR tests are used exclusively for students who are potentially eligible for Math Corps (were not proficient on MCAs). Then, students who participate in Math Corps take the tests 4 other times to track progress (and students who were eligible but do not participate take 2 other times)

  • Aug 29

  • Jan 11-16

  • March 11-15

  • May 22-29